Functiecontrole gehoorbescherming: controle op lekdichtheid

Function control hearing protection

The attenuating effect of custom-made hearing protection can only be guaranteed if there is a good seal in the ear canal. Performing a function control is therefore very important. How this works exactly and how often this should be done can be found below. 

Why is it important to perform a function control for hearing protection? 

A seal test or a functional control in the case of customised hearing protection is a procedure that is carried out to control whether this hearing protection effectively seals the ear and thus sufficiently protects the ear from harmful noise. The purpose of this test is therefore to identify any leaks in the seal. A small leak can already have a major impact on the intended noise reduction of the custom-made hearing protection. 


Since 2018, harmful noise has been labeled as an irreversible health risk according to the PPE Directive (Regulation (EU) 2016/425), which means that hearing protection falls under PPE category 3 (high risk). This adjustment entails a lot of regulations, including the mandatory performance of a function control on the hearing protection upon delivery. 

How does a function control work?

There are several methods to perform a function control. For example, a REAT can be taken or a pneumatic measurement can be used. Variphone prefers this pneumatic measurement and has developed its own device. A pneumatic measurement is faster and more accurate as it is an objective measurement that does not require the cooperation of the customer. 

What is the lifespan of hearing protection? 

The lifespan of hearing protection is strongly influenced by the characteristics of our hearing organ. Our outer ear, as well as part of our ear canal, is made out of cartilagous material. This cartilage will change shape slightly over the course of our lives. This may affect the fit of the hearing protection. It is therefore advisable to have the hearing protection checked annually to maintain a good fit.