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Why do you choose a particular hearing protector?
Price, comfort and cushioning probably play a role. But in this way you actually choose the best prod-uct for your employees. And what do you have to pay attention to? 
Based on the new PPE Regulation *, Variphone gives you 5 tips to protect you and your employees from harmful noise.  

Hint 1: Check whether the relevant hearing protector is provided with an EU Declaration of Conformity. This way you can be sure that the hearing protector you have selected meets the require-ments of the regulation and provides guaranteed protection. Noise-induced hearing loss is finally offi-cially recognized as an irreversible health hazard and still one of the most frequently reported occupa-tional diseases.  

Hint 2: Choose delivery with function test. Not only on delivery but also annually it is mandatory to check whether the hearing protector functions properly! A small leak can lead to a significant reduc-tion in the expected damping and then irreversible damage.  

Hint 3: Go for traceability! An efficient software system not only relieves the tasks of the market surveillance authorities when they identify producers that offer non-compliant PPE on the market, but also offers you the advantage that you and your employees have insight into the results and reports of the delivered products at all times. and services. In short, total relief.  

Hint 4: Buy from a producer who complies with the new regulation as it should!  
The new CE marking will be mandatory on all our products. Variphone International will also be sub-jected to a strict audit every year. An Approved Inspection Institute will thoroughly inspect the prod-ucts and processes in our own lab. This strict control will lead to a higher quality level.   

Hint 5: Go for more and choose more than one earplug! No separate measures, but a coherent policy in the long term will lead to the maintenance of good and healthy hearing from your employees.

* EU2016 / 425, in force on 21 April 2018

Variphone offers you the 'Healthy Hearing Program' (www.hearingcoach.com): 

  • Determine individual noise level and risk
  • Early detection of hearing damage
  • Function check of hearing protection
  • Coaching motivation and behavior

This preventive hearing program does not give hearing damage a chance ... because the behavior  determines the hearing damage in the future.