Feel the Groove

Welcome to the new Groove21. A completely newly designed Custom IN-EAR monitor. Not only designed for its versatile applications, we also kept in mind an affordable price tag. 
The heartbeat of the Groove21 is a 2-way hybrid system setup in a single module.

A dynamic low-end driver produces smooth deep Bass in combination with sparkling highs produced by a Balanced Armature driver. 
All of this is covered in a full custom shell giving you tan optimal wearing comfort.

Go wireless  by connecting the Groove21 to Stereo Bluetooth Modules. You will enjoy your favorite music even more on your next workout, travel or leisure ...    

Specifications In-ear

Specifications In-ear
Sensitivy99 dB SPL ±3dB 1kHz
Frequency response20 Hz - 20 kHz
Impedance32 ohm ±15%
Driver setup2-way Hybrid
Features2-pin socket
Average Attenuation26dB
ColorOnly black
Fiio inear
In-ear Box

Bluetooth or cable

Bluetooth modules manual